Manual Flush Valve

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    Manual Flush Valve

    Manual Flush Valve

    Product Description: The Manual Flush Valve is a combination valve which serves two functions in relation to the membrane feedwater flow in a reverse osmosis system:

    It is a Flow Restrictor which provides back pressure for the membrane. The pressure differential between the milliliter rating of the flow restrictor and the psi level of the feedwater line creates the required back pressure inside the membrane for it to yield product water.
    It is a Manual Flush Valve which washes away calcium or other deposits from the membrane. In doing so, the pores of the membrane are left clean and unobstructed enabling it to operate at maximum efficiency. This not only contributes to expansion of the life of the membrane, but also allows optimum operation of the reverse osmosis water treatment system.
    The Manual Flush Valve is installed in the reverse osmosis system between the membrane housing feedwater outlet and the drain connection just as a flow restrictor would be. The “in” port of the MFV (see directional arrow) is connected to the “out” port of the membrane. The “out” port of the MFV is connected to the drain line.
    Fast Flush Operation
    PUSH IN the knob to start the fast flush process. This bypasses the restrictor and water is allowed to flow freely past the outside of the membrane, rinsing off accumulated particles, sending them out through the MFV into the drain line.

    PULL OUT the knob to stop the fast flush process. The reverse osmosis system is now back in the water production mode. It is recommended that the flushing operation be performed for a 3 minute duration once a week.
    Requires two 1/8″ NPT fittings with tubing connections.

    Material: Celcon

    Part No.: MFV-XXX ml